We offer 12 hours programme, which can be split over two or three days. We organize open seminars in all the major cities of India. It is a type of a full-fledged programme in itself, which is useful for students, professionals and executives. Students of the 3rd standard and above can join the workshop.

Fee for this programme is between 4800/- to 6800/- plus service tax per candidate.


According to a survey, everyone wastes around 30 minutes a day in searching the things they usually forget while performing their tasks. It means an organization wastes its around 1/16th portion of the precious time of the total working hours. And this loss can be reduced dramatically by using our memory enhancement techniques meant specifically for organizations. We can customize the Workshop Contents as per your requirements in order to serve you at the optimal level.

We offer 4 – 6 hours programme, which can be organized in a single day only. Through this programme, we cater to needs of various corporate houses, clubs, training institutes etc. This programme is highly beneficial for all level of management and employees. They can learn how to perform better in achieving their goals by attending this path-braking programme.

Fee for this programme is Rs 300,000. (3 Lacs)


We offer this programme to Universities and educational institutes. It includes the basic memory improvement techniques and mental exercises coupled with several innovative study tips. This program has helped students studying in schools, colleges and institutes across the country.


During workshops, the mode of communication will be bilingual i,e, Hindi and English


Fee for this programme depends upon the requirement of the institutions.


Questions or Concerns

Art of memorising works in two ways.
1. It helps us in using our existing memory to the maximum potential.
2. It helps us in expanding our memory further by improving our natural faculties.
This art follows a holistic approach of improving your learning abilities. Anybody in general can use it to enhance his/her memory.


Generally it takes 5-7 days to practice these memory techniques to attain a significant level in memorising.

Yes we can improve our observation by simple memory techniques.

This method helps us in converting difficult words into meaningful pictures so that we can associate them easily in a flow. For more details you can read our book – Art Of Memorising.

This method is desinged on the concept of multi associations so that learner can create many pathways to the respective information. It ensures 100% accuracy. For more details you can read our book – Art Of Memorising.

This method is used for memorising long term theories specially for memorising paragraphs. We need to pick the most important word of the sentence and have to link it with the next word by following Mnemonics method. For more details you can read our book – Art Of Memorising.


I have really benefited from this workshop.I really feel confident and self reliant. i feel that i can overcome any obstacle in my path to success.

Lewaman G Pratap

Lewaman G Pratap

This workshop is really useful for each and everyone. It’s really a great work done by Mr. Chahal. We all are really thankful to him. Like this may you go every part of the world and teach all of the people.



It was an eye opening and informative workshop. Memory mirchi books give self confidence and self belief. Excellent  communication skill towards the audience by  Mr. Krishan Chahal.


Priyadarshini Kannan

Workshop is very useful for everyone. There is no age factor. Everyone can take the benefit of workshop.It is really helpful for students also. I am so delightful as I take part in this event. Thank you sir Mr.Krishan Chahal.


Ajay Gupta

It was a great experience. I would like to attend the memory mirchi workshop again. I have learned a lot from this workshop.


Aakash Malik

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